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Ordering online has never been easier, or more efficient. Here are a few navigational tools on our site that many of our customers find helpful in speeding order placement:

  • Search Bar — located at the top of each page, use the search box to track down a part by entering a keyword, manufacturer, or part number.  
  • Category Browse — use this feature to browse fitted parts using Category, Project or Product line. Select a vehicle under the Pick Vehicle tab and use the drop downs on the Pick Parts page to refine your results.
  • Product Images & Detail — found in line with all part listings, this printer-friendly window displays product images that you can zoom into for a close-up look, plus you’ll find a descriptive Overview, Specs and Application Data.
  • “Quote Builder” — lets you keep track of order quotes and can be used for recurring shop orders. Create a saved quote by clicking “Save for Later” from the shopping cart page. Find it within the Orders tab, under the Saved Quotes tab.

Whether you've purchased online before, or are getting set to place your first order, find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about online ordering right here.

Q: How does the Store see/receive the order?
A: Your Online order pops up on the Commercial Parts Pro computer screen at the Store and if he/she doesn't process the order within 5 minutes, the order pops up on every register in the Store. The order does not go directly to a printer where it may be overlooked.  

Q: I forgot my username and/or password. How do I retrieve it?
A: Click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page to send a password reset to the email on file for your account. For username issues or any other problems, call 877-280-5965.

Q: Is that "my cost" the same pricing as if I call in?
A: Yes. Your login is tied to you shop’s account information. When you log in, the column displaying “Unit Price” shows your specific pricing. This is the same pricing you would receive by phoning in your order.

Q: Can I hide my price so my customer can't see it?
Yes, by selecting the " – " button by the "Unit Price" header at the top of the page, you can easily hide or reveal the unit price column on "parts listing" pages so the customer only sees the list price, and not your cost. You can also click the "Customer Review" option, which is located in the ordering page footer on the bottom left-hand side.

Q: Can I log into more than one computer?
A: Yes, you can log in to more than one computer with the same Username/Password. You will have full ordering capabilities with shared login credentials.

Q: How do I price match?
A: Please place any price matching comments within the "Notes for your Parts Pro" box during the Checkout process ("Payment Selection Order Review" step).

Q: Where does my PO# go?
A: You can notate a PO# within the "Purchase Order #" box during the Checkout process ("Payment Selection Order Review" step).

Q: How do I view past orders?
A: Access the "Orders" tab and then "Order History".

Q: Where do I see my saved quotes?
A: Access the "Orders" tab and then "Saved Quotes".

Q: What does "Call Store to Order" mean?
A: “Call Store to Order” indicates that the part may be available somewhere in the Advance Auto Parts network, outside of your local “network” and “DC.” Timeframes will vary with every part. Please contact your Commercial Parts Pro at the Store for more details. Also, please note that pricing and inventory information come directly from your Store — ordering after hours might cause some information to be unavailable during checkout.

Q: How often is my rebate paid out? How does it come to me?
A: Rebates are processed on a quarterly basis. You will receive your credit 3-4 weeks after the close of the calendar quarter in the form of a rebate check.

Q: Why do I get different results when using keyword search vs. regular category/subcategory lookup?
A: When you browse by category in Pick Parts, you are viewing only fitted parts for the active vehicle. Keyword search broadens the results to include non-fitted parts and searches a wider set of data.

Helpful Links

If we didn’t cover all of your questions, we offer many other options to help you make the most of your online experience, from Login to Navigation to Placing an Order, and much more:

  • Access our Online Ordering User Guide Read Now
  • Call us at 1-877-280-5965